Thursday, September 30, 2010

chunky friendship bracelet

25 cents!?!! YAY!! I am ALLLL about a 50 cent project. After a little deliberation I decided to make a bracelet.

You have made one of these before right?

I made one using the exact same method but with my 25 cent fat quarters instead of embroidery floss. Chunky bracelets are just better :)

You want to make one too?? Here's how:

Begin by cutting the fat quarters. you will need 4 3" strips from each one
you will need to double up the length of these. Sew 2 each right sides together so you have 4 total long strips, in this case 2 pink and 2 green. (Of course you could just use a bigger piece of fabric...but did I mention these were only 25 CENTS!?)

Notice I never bothered to press, wash or otherwise make this fabric look nice. It just doesnt matter for this project as the end result is a messy look anyhow.

Now pin them to a pillow, your jeans, or to the sheet on your bed if you need to watch food network while you create!
Begin tying these into knots. Start with the strip on the left. Make a number "4". The strip on the left should be on top and fold under the one just to her right. Pull tight. You need to do this twice before moving on to the next strip to the right

once you have tied 2 knots on all three strips start over from the left and repeat

After your bracelet is the desired length remove the pin at the top and pull the top knots tight. This will allow you some extra slack to work with since, to close the bracelet up, you will be tying the ends together in knots (of course)
tie the ends together
slide the cuteness onto your wrist!!

 TA DAAAAA!! 50 cent bracelet on the cheap. NO SEW!!

blessings, tai

Saturday, September 25, 2010

kindle keeper

There are lots of people making all kind of "coozies" out there in blog land right now. I have seen them for laptops, iPads, Kindles and MP3 players. My mom is about to order a kindle to take on her upcoming trip so I decided to make her a kindle keeper as she noticed buying cases online can get pretty pricy.

The only problem with this project is now I need would really like to have a kindle!

I took some photos along the way to create a tutorial of my version of kindle keeper:

I started out with 3 coordinating fat quarters and a piece of fleece. I know, it is pink and does not match at all! Dont worry! The fleece is really just acting as a padding here. You wont see it. You could use a light weight batting or fusable fleece for this project but I had this scrap lying around and it worked perfectly.

What you need:
3 coordinating fabrics
coordinating button(s)
hair elastic
embelishments of your choice

Cut your outter fabric, fleece and lining to 19" x 13" (you will fold this in half and make the fold the bottom of the pouch)

This is the time to add any embelishments you may want your outter fabric. I added some ruffles. They came out crooked so to hide the flaw (sort of) I also added a satin singed flower. Get creative!

(see, folded in half)
Next, open up your fold and place this right side up on top of the fleece
Then fold both pieces together up from the bottom to the top

sew up the sides and flip it right side out:

From this point on it is best to think of the fleece and the outter fabric as 1 piece.
Fold the lining fabric up from the bottom and sew up the sides:

leave this piece inside out and stuff the outside piece into it. (The right sides will be together.)
Now pin these together.
--Dont forget to add your hair elastic to the middle of the back side, this will be pinned pushed in toward the bottom of the bag in between the outside fabric and the lining. Sorry I dont have a picture of this!

the elastic is pinned under my thumb here:

Sew this around most of the way. Leave a few inchs for turning.
This part is tricky...pull the inside back out through the opening you left. Once it is out you can turn the lining right side out and push it down into the bag. You will end up with this:

Tuck the opening inward and top-stitch all the way around:

Now add the button!
I waited to add the button until now so I could make sure it was in just the right spot. If you are more confident in your button placing skills you could add it before you sew the lining in, that would prevent your button stitches from showing inside the pouch. ALL DONE!

Now, who is going to buy me a kindle??

blessings, tai

Monday, September 20, 2010

chicken chimichangas!!

I really love Mexican food. I might have an addiction but that is ok with me. I especially love chicken chimichangas. Guess what - I am going to tell you how to make them at home.

WARNING - "recipes", per se, are not my thing. I dont measure anything so mostly I will just tell you which ingredients I use and show some pictures. I will start with a pic of the finished dish...hopefully this will persuade you to finish reading and forgive my lack of culinary detail...

yummy right?? start off by throwing the following into your trusty crock do have a crock pot right? :)

onion: I used yellow but I usually use vidalia. white will work too
pablano pepper: the ones they had in the grocery were huge so I just used 1, sometimes I use 2
chicken: I like boneless skinless breast but any cut will work for this
chicken broth/stock or water: Of course the broth gives more flavor, you dont need to cover these in liquid just come about half way up the chicken
salt and pepper of course :)

You should have something like this:

My chicken was partially frozen and after 3 hours on high I had this:

Pull the meat out and shred, drain and add the veggies to the shredded meat
place about 1/2 cup or so onto the middle of a 12" flour tortilla
brush the edges of the tortilla with an egg wash (egg whites and water) to help seal this before hitting the skillet
wrap the chimichanga as illustrated below

I know, I have mad folding skills, right? hehe

Now just fry them up! I pan fry them in about 1/2" canola oil for just a few minutes on each side

for the "special sauce" I cheat and buy this stuff at walmart...honestly, I have tried MANY recipes to make this cheese and it NEVER turns out for me. It either breaks, clumps up or is gritty. If you have a recipe for the yummy white, restaurant style cheese please give it up! Until then, canned cheese it is...just warm it up in the microwave.

traditionally I think you are supposed to have rice and beans...I do like rice and beans but they really deter from the amount of chips I am able to devour. You want delicious chips and salsa too?? EASY! Send your hubby to the local Mexican restaurant and order them :)

Let me know if you try them!

blessings, tai

Thursday, September 16, 2010

hootie the handbag

I have to tell you...if you dont have a sister you are missing out! My sister rocks like fraggles. For real. Since she is so awesome I made her a fun new bag. I saw a pair of size 26, purple corduroy pants at the thift store and I knew they were destined to become something awesome. Dont you love the thrift store? I buy almost all of my corduroy there. .99 cents for purple awesomeness?? YES PLEASE!

here we are!

She likes owls and purple! I should have taken a better picture of the strap. Sorry about that. She loved it though!

Thanks for being awesome SEA-STAR!! xoxo

blessings, tai

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

fall is closing in

Fall is really closing in around here! Hubby and I spent many hours in the car this weekend traveling to attend a family funeral. Both of us were amazed to see that the leaves are already beginning to change here in Ohio. My mind began to think about it - HALLOWEEN!! You have to think about this stuff early when you know there is going to be stitching and gluing and whining and mind changing and re-stitching and more gluing... Last year we went sort of simple. E wanted to be a mummy and little pants wanted to be a kitty cat.

I made E's costume using a white sweat suit. This was actually a women's sweat suit which I had to alter a LOT! I cant imagine why they dont make white sweat suit for little boys...hhhmmmmm... I bought this at walmart and the strips were made from a cheap white sheet which I shredded and sewed down. I tied it off in several spots with basic knots. I left the top part of his shirt and arms until I dressed him and then I just wrapped and tied as needed so he could get in and out of it easily.

Lauren's was even easier. Black sweats with a big sparkly heart and some fur trim. I did have to alter her boys size 4 sweats a little but all of the embellishments are just glued on with fabric tac. She was a little harder to get a picture of - what with the candy at every door and all...

This year the munchkins have let me know they would like to be a bat and a pink girly skeleton. Nothing like a challenge. Remember we are in Ohio...hence the sweats and dont forget to make your costume big enough to fit over a snowsuit - just in case. :)  I better get started this weekend...

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