Wednesday, September 8, 2010

creating Jesus-loving kids

Meet my babies…Elijah is 4 and Lauren is 2. I have the normal kind of mommy hopes for them…happy, healthy, well adjusted, etc…More than anything else I want my children to come to the realization that Christ died for their sins and through this realization – to be saved.

Which leads me to some walmart drama. – I know, bear with me; I will bring it back around!

I took the little tots to the grocery store. Everyone knows toddlers and walmart are pretty much no fun for anyone. They actually did very well but my little guy was starting to get restless in the checkout line. The dreaded checkout line –the worst part of the grocery!! He was busy flinging items from the cart onto the belt helping me unload the groceries onto the belt. In the mean time the man ahead of us was waiting for his wife to return to the line with an item they had forgotten. She was attempting to get around my very busy son. I was attempting to get his attention to ask him to move over for the nice lady. This was NOT working. I scooped him up and physically moved him over. This was not in an angry or even frustrated way. Just simply to, well, to move him! Here comes the drama…When I placed him down the back of his heal and leg scraped hard against the bottom shelf. It was bleeding pretty badly and he was (of course) shouting at the top of his lungs through tear filled eyes – “YOU DID IT! YOU HURT ME! MOMMY, YOU DID IT!!” awesome.

Suddenly the cashier was calling for reinforcements! Managers were screaming “CODE WHITE, GET A MANAGER! COOOODDEE WHITTTEE!!!” and then cashier told me I would not be able to leave until I spoke with the store manager. I took my son, my daughter and my cart to a bench near the front and pulled my mom supplies from my purse. I dabbed his wound clean, added Neosporin and a band-aid under the watchful eye of the store manager and several clerks. I honestly thought the were going to call the police on me. Really? This is walmart people! I thought corporal punishment was acceptable here? Besides that, it was an ACCIDENT!

Finally he was fixed up and we left the store. Boo-boos kissed, hugs given, passers-by staring. Unforgiving. Thankfully it was quiet in the car. We rode in silence for several minutes. Here is where I tie this up… I heard Lauren’s sweet little voice from the back…

“E-yijah, why you need a band-aid when you hurt?”

“Cause, Lauren, they make you feel better. They heal you.”

“WOW E-yijah! It’s just like JESUS!!!”

Biggest mommy smile EVER!!! My 2 year old gave us the best lesson from the trip. A brilliant reminder of Jesus, even in the chaos.

Keep up the prayers, the stories, the lessons and the example. Be a light for Jesus! Their little ears ARE listening!!


Unknown said...

From the mouth of babes . . . :) awesome

Kalleen at Second Street said...

Congrats and Good luck with the new blog. I started about a year ago in the same way. I stumbled onto a craft blog and wanted to share what I had to. Your kids are beautiful.

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