Saturday, September 11, 2010

Up-Cycled Shoulder Bag Tutorial

I am so excited to post this tutorial I cant even describe the rush. I have been wanting to do this for so long!! YAY!!!

If you stick around here long enough it will soon become apparent that I LOVE denim and corduroy. In my closet there is a stack of jeans...jeans with holes, jeans with stains, jeans my hubby wanted to save for "work pants" but then outgrew...hehehe...nothing is better for me than chopping up a pair of pants to make something new!

On rare occassions I leave my house without a bag that is loaded with bandaids, extra underpants and sippy cups...So here I present an easy shoulder bag tutorial made from a pair of hubby's jeans!

You will need...

A pair of old jeans
some coordinating fabric reminants
Embroidery floss
Wonder Under (fusable webbing)
General sewing supplies

Get started by cutting the bottom off of one of the legs of your pants and cut out one of the back pockets. I like to leave 1/4 to 1/2 inch allowance around the pocket. You can cut the pants to the desired length of your bag, dont forget a small allowance for the seam at the bottom.

pin the pocket to the jeans near the hem (the hem will be the top of your completed bag) and sew it down

I used a dark raspberry corduroy for my applique. Originally I was going to stack these flowers but I changed my mind. Draw your design directly onto your wonder under. I freehanded mine but you could google or draw any design you like :) Iron them down and cut them out

Next iron your design to the bag. (I overlaped the pocket) and choose a coordinating embroidery floss. Be careful on the pocket. Make sure to only sew through the top layer so you still have pocket function when you are ready to carry this. 




Now you have this:
 Add some pearl beads...because everyone knows jeans are better with pearls!

turn the whole thing inside out and sew up the raw edge. --notice you can only see half of the back side of my applique stitching, this is where I did not sew throught the pocket on the front.

Ready to line it? To make the lining I use this very scientific method I like to call - line it up and cut with a seam allowance. Fold the fabric right sides together and place your bag on top, then cut around the bag leaving the fold at the bottom in tact. Then stitch up the sides.

Fold down the top to just below the hem as shown above. (I didnt bother to cut the excess). Then place the lining into the bag and line up the top of your fold with the bottom of the hem


I didnt even bother to pin this. I just held it with my thumb and sewed it down

Home stretch! Time to make the handle. I cut a strip of denim from the leg of the pants and also a strip of the corduroy

I dont have any pictures of this part but you just sew them right sides together into a tube, turn it, and top stitch down the sides to make it lay flat. Then sew it down with raw ends on the top side of the bag

for a little more detail use a sanding block or just sand paper to rough up the edges around the pocket. Then trim your lose strings. 

ALL done!! Wear it out and about!

Oh! I almost forgot! The extra flower I did not use on the front was added to the back before I put the lining in!

 Get creative!

If you try one I would LOVE to see it! I hoped you enjoyed my first ever tutorial!



Unknown said...

What a fabulous tutorial a ne super cute purses! Thanks for sharing :) You have good clear pictures as well.

Connie the crafterbug said...

I really like these and I have been thinking of something very similar,you have inspired me.

Anonymous said...

Tai added to my blog... i'm from Argentina and i loooooooooooove this bag!! mi daughter asked me to do one for her a long time ago, now i know which one she will get.
Good luck with your blog!!
i can't wait to see another tutorial!!


Tammy @ she wears flowers said...

I love this! I am new to your blog and I just love it!

Sharing this project on FB! ;)

Ferrell Boys Mom said...

I love this! I have a stack of jeans that I have been saving to make shoulder strap purses just like this for our school's Christmas bazaar. Going to get on it today! Love the tutorial and I'm following you now! I will probably blog about this later so I'll be sure to link back to your blog! Love it!

Unknown said...

Love it! Beautiful!

Elisa said...

Thanks Tai, very beautiful.

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