Friday, October 29, 2010

foto friday

A new series! I know I promised a new series a few weeks ago for Fridays. Yes, I am also aware that Friday only has 26 more minutes remaining. Better late than never!

I want to use this series as a way to show you one of my "things" - Photography is my THING. 'Hobbies' are lame. I have a THANG! LOL! Ahem...Anyhow. I am very much an amature but I am learning. Any critiques or comments you have are much appreciated!

Today I will feature my 2 best newborn pictures. E at 6 days old and Lauren at 5 days old. I continually kick myself for not getting all of E (including his little piggies, because WHAT is more yummy than baby toes??? NOTHING!!) I am pretty happy with Laurens though! What do you think?

blessings, tai


~*Jess*~ said...

AH! I remember those! They seem like AGES ago. :( the babies are getting too big!

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