Saturday, October 9, 2010

a gift for my love

This is an oldie but I thought you might like it. My hubby is VERY hard to buy for. He never really wants anything and is not easily surprised. Last year for Christmas I thought it would be nice to give him a list of 100 reasons I love him. Honestly I thought this would be perfect. Thoughtful. I was blown away when, in fact, it took me less than 30 minutes to create the list. I came up with 100 reasons to love my hubby in 30 minutes! In hind sight this should have told me my marriage is amazing. Which I already knew. But initially I felt bad! I felt bad that I had come up with this list in only 30 minutes. I mean, how thoughtful could it be if I finished in a half hour?

To vamp it up I decided to put the reasons into a little scrap book. I printed the list on paper lunch sacks. I liked the color and texture they added. This was a fun project that my husband really enjoyed.

We are truly best friends. :) xoxoxo

A list like this could also be framed and make a nice gift for a birthday, anniversary, valentine, etc

Now I just have to come up with something personal for this Christmas.

blessings, tai


Pam said...

Your name truly fits you, "Original" - You are truly an original, one of a kind lady. God bless you, Tai, for being who He created you to be and blessing others. Your creativity and free spirit are so refreshing. Love ya, Pam

taidyeoriginal said...

Thanks Pam! xoxo

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