Thursday, October 7, 2010

a pocket purse

I am trying to get some Christmas gifts made for the kiddos. Between work and church and school and playing and singing life is nutso! from October to Christmas in our home. I managed to squeeze in a stocking stuffer for little pants. It's a teeny little purse made from - of course - a denim pants pocket. :)

I chose some coordinating beads, buttons and embroidery floss. You can embelish with virtually anything!

 I stringed the beads to make a handle and sewed them to the inside of the pocket.
 covered the knots with some buttons and sewed on a few more buttons to embelish.
 Happy stocking stuffer!
This is a fun and simple project that can easily be done with kiddos who can string beads while you embelish!

blessings, tai


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