Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Where has October gone?

Hey everyone!! So sorry for my hiatus! This month has simply flown by. We lost our computer :( but we have now gained a new laptop and I couldnt be happier! I would have started posting on it last week but we took off for the mountains for a little family trip. It was much needed quality family time! I missed my blog though and I am happy to be back! Here is a small portion of the fun we had last week in Gatlinburg:

Elijah quote of the week after sneezing and being told "Bless you" by his daddy: "Daddy, you are supposed to say GOD Bless You! - You are so embarrassing!!"

Lauren quote of the week: "Mommy, I just want money and ice cream! But if I cant have both, I just want ice cream!"

It was a great time. :)

I have worked on a few crafts too!
I turned this horrible flower arrangement into something cute and fun for fall!

This braclet is actually a botched project for something completely different! Now it is fun and perfect!

And of course we made Halloween costumes! Both of my kiddos enjoyed using freezer paper stenciling to help create their own skeleton costumes. Lauren's has pink bones and Elijah's has blue bones. I will post some more pictures of them after trick or treat :)

I hope your last few weeks have brought you abundant joy!

blessings, tai


Lizzy said...

YAY! Awesome, job on the costume(s) (I am sure Elijahs is just as amazing!) That is a cool bracelet and Tai your family picture is great! (all the pics of your fam are!) I mean the happines on all your faces, exudes the joy you are experiencing! I am so glad that you really enjoy doing the blog! :)

~*Jess*~ said...

The family pics are outstanding, as always. And the floral arrangement and bracelet? Fantastic! You need to get the DIY going on again when you are situated. I'm hosting Thanksgiving so some cute centerpiece/deco ideas would be great!

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