Friday, November 5, 2010

foto friday

Photographing Boys

Some of my favorite subjects to photograph are boys. They are amazing little creatures all full of craziness and dirt and fun and gross. I will never understand the little monsters and I adore them more all the time. Mine especially of course!

They are HARD to capture. One must be creative and sometimes sneaky to trick them into it. Sometimes though, they just smile and let the rotten out for the camera to see. Here are some of my favorites…

Here is a picture taken a few summers ago of my boy and his guitar. He loves “playing” the guitar. I am sure we will have to invest in lessons before long. He doesn’t seem to be outgrowing it. I love this picture because it doesn’t just capture a moment. It captures E and his love for his guitar. It captures his little boy spirit. This is him all over. I never want to forget!

Another of my little man…He was scared because there was a bee floating around the sheet he was plopped on. I told him bees hated laughing and proceeded to tell as many corny jokes as I could think of. We had such a fun time that day. He is such a sweetheart. I decided to use text on the final image to try to capture my feeling about him.

And here are 2 of my precious little nephews. They are quite the joksters and get along SO well. They were easier to photograph – probably because I am not their mom. Just their super cool Aunt Tai.

Hope you enjoyed! As always I am open to any comments and critiques of my photographing skills…

blessings, tai


angie west said...

I love your blog! just wanted to let you know! And daniel does guitar lessons if you wanna try it with E! he is teaching is cousin right now. i think he is 8 or 9 i can't remember... we are going to try to start with little west but 3 might be to early!

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