Wednesday, November 3, 2010

trick or treat - smell my feet!

We had a blast trick or treating this year! My favorite part - NO stroller - NO wagon - NO diaper bag! WOOOOOOHOOOO!  Here are the skeleton costumes the kids and I made. Have you ever used freezer paper for stenciling? It is remarkably easy! There are tutorials everywhere for this process but I referred to this tutorial here: here (cannot wait to make this adorable bag by the way!) I freehanded the bone stencils and I let the kids choose their bone color and help with the painting. We ended up with these:

These 4 monsters are some of my favorite kiddos. My little ones go trick or treating with my sisters little gobblins and it is a blast every year. By the way I wish I had a better picture of that little witch! My very talented sister made her costume too!

checking out the loot:

Yep! We had a really fantastic time this year! How was your trick or treat? 

blessings, tai
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