Wednesday, November 10, 2010

what they said wednesday

My sweetest boy says the wierdest stuff! Here is one story my hubby wrote for me to share. I wish I had been present for this one!

"You don't say that", the small child's voice rang loudly from the backseat. Unsure of what the conversation had been up until that point due to the fact dad was busy paying attention to the road before them, he turns his ear to the backseat where the kind of thing he was sure would continue for the next quarter century of his two and four-year-old's lives. They wanted to spat, you could tell, it's just that this one, like many when viewed from an adult's perspective, rang humorous as the vocabulary and thought processes it takes to generate a good "tell your sibling how it is fight" were clearly underdeveloped. The normal verbiage of poopy head, doody butt, and obligatory equal retorts were flowing, when a new line of thought entered the equation... "oh yeah, well if you do that again, God's going to send you to Mars!", this peaked dad's interest like never before, "Elijah?", before he could ask, the four year old spoke once more in all his four year old wisdom, "God will send you to Mars, in outer space", "no not" was all the two year old could muster before dad was actually able to join the conversation, "Elijah, that's not how it works, God doesn't punish people by sending them to outer space". For those of you familiar with the reasoning and argumentative skills of a four year olds, it rivals the worlds greatest courtroom attorneys. "yes huh dad, he'll send you to outer space - to Mars!". Interesting perspective I suppose, and just another in a long line of battles I'll choose not to fight, the line of thought came --and went just as quickly. I've not heard of God sending people to Mars or outer space since. Leaving me to continually ponder the mind of a child…

Love that boy!
blessings, tai


Lizzy said...

I love the minds of children! So awesome! :-) Thanks for sharing!

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