Tuesday, December 28, 2010

a birthday party

Have you been to Joy's Hope? If you havent you are missing out, my friend! Julie is one of the most hilarious bloggers I have come across! She is funny, loving, inspirational and just a precious person. {and she isnt even paying me for the PR}    :)    If I were her, I would just consider taidye nothing more than a crazy stalker. tee hee hee...But honestly, check her blog out. You wont be sorry...

Several days before Christmas Julie posted this take on mixing secular, cultural ideas of Christmas with traditional Christian views of Christmas and I could not agree more with her post. I left her a nice comment {because I stalk *heart* her}...but I kept thinking about what she said. I remembered that in her post she mentioned that her family throws a breakfast birthday party for Jesus every year (please read what she wrote for the details) and I decided to give it a go. Iwas so blessed to have done this. This is absolutely a tradition my family will keep and hoepfully pass down.

I set up for the party after the kids went to sleep. We didnt do too much. Talked about the incarnation story from Luke 2, sang happy birthday to Jesus and had a prayer. Of course. I want to add some more to this each year. I think writing a birthday card to Jesus would be a great idea, something to learn from and to treasure. Here are some snapshots from our party. Yes. We did have cake, icecream and punch at 7a.m. Jealous?? They are guaranteed to remember this tradition and the story of our Savior's birth forever.

 you can read more about this tiny Jesus here.


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