Saturday, December 4, 2010

a present for chloe

Chloe is our 6 year old lazy, yellow dog. My kids ADORE her. She really is a good dog even though she is slightly neurotic. Elijah is a great little artist and he wanted to create a drawing for her. I came home from work to find his amazing creation. The best part of Elijah's beautiful art is that I rarely have to ask him what he has drawn I dont have to say "tell me about this picture". I always know what he has created. Marker drawings are may favorite although, he prefers to paint. Anyhow, here is the picture I came home to Thursday evening:

 The best part is where he chose to display it. with a magnet on the side of the oven above her bowl. Of course, Chloe loves it too. :)

I am crafting the night away! I hope to get some cute crafts posted for you to see next week :)

blessings, tai


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