Monday, December 13, 2010


Yes, I know, Christmas is a week away. And yes, I have a BILLION things to do before then. But last week I ordered me some new Billy Blanks DVDs and I am ready to begin working out again. Such a cliche resolution... I know....I spent all summer kickboxing and then the gym where I was working out closed. There is not another location that offers a time I can kickbox. I hate being so busy all the time but I am not willing to give up family time 3 nights a week to go. I MISS it though! SOOOO starting in the very near future I have a 5am date with Billy 4 mornings a week.





chubby (but nice) girl  :)

I know that with a little hard work I can look jut like this!! oooohhhhh BILLLLYYY!!!


~*Jess*~ said...

OOoooh I remember doing Billy Blanks. He's tough! But great :)

Anonymous said...

P90X trumps all.

(don't buy, download. Or, hit up your cousin who already "found them" while he was sailing around the internet on his digital pirate ship)

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