Thursday, December 2, 2010

a superhero party

This year we had Elijah's th birthday party at the local Childen's Museum. It was a blast and VERY little work for momma! WOO HOO! However, some years I just cant resist going a little over board and last year for his 4th birthday when he anounced he wanted a Superhero theme I knew we could find a way to make it special!  I googled and took inspiration from many sources. Several of the ideas came from here.

First, here are a few of the super supplies. I actually ordered these capes from because I honestly just didnt have time to make them. They were plain and came in lots of colors. They were also fairly inexpensive. I cut the stars from felt and fused them to the capes.
 Here are a few villian-defeating supplies. You will see more about that below
Here is a list of other necessary supplies:
Capes (children start in these)
Small balloons, like water balloons (We used water balloons that look like grenades, fill them with air)
Hero wrist guards
Poison (balls of aluminum foil)
Tongs (several sets)
Poison control containers (we used foil covered Easter buckets)
Hero Masks
Silly String
Birthday noise makers

I added a few captions here but if you really want to know what went down please view the PDF at the bottom of the page for the full script (it is short, promise!)

Let's start the party! This is my dad and my niece. My Dad (Super Pop-Pop) Helped train the little superheros by teaching them how to defeat the villian and ultimately saved the party.

After diffusing the villain's bombs the children were rewarded with cool wrist guards!
Next the villain attacked with poison!

super pop-pop helped clean up the situation!
Super E is ready for that villain this time!

After cleaing up the poison spill the children were rewarded with hero masks
still ready
I feel a little bad about the picture above. Elijah's little friend looks petrified.  Soon the villian returned and vowed to come back and steal the cake. Super Pop-Pop readies the heros to defeat the villain with super noise makers and silly string.
poor villain

after the defeat and congratulations Super Pop-Pop offered the villain an opportunity to turn from his evil ways. He agreed and joined the heros for ice cream cake.

Another thing we did was create this poster. The red bubble was blank. I managed to get a shot of each child in front of the sign and add their names using picasa.

You can download the script hubby and I wrote for this party below. It is very short and kid friendly. I think the entire production lasted 10-15 minutes. It was a blast!

blessings, tai

Hero Script


Unknown said...

That was an awesome party! ... every time I see that picture of E's petrified friend ;) I laugh! ha, and it was awesome! You guys did a great job writing it, implementing the production, and having a smashingly rocktastical conclusion!

@JessEsco said...

That is awesome! You should submit that to:

Brandy said...

THat is probably the cutest bday party ever! My boys would have loved that, so fun! I am really enjoying reading your blog.

Steph said...

Wow, that must have been some party! That's so creative of you. Thanks for sharing! (I stumbled upon your blog via another... so I'm just snooping around! LOL)

Liz said...

Perfect! Been looking for hero party ideas for a combo party for my son and daughter (10 day apart birthdays) and this is just right! Thanks for sharing this!

Anonymous said...

LOVE! THIS! PARTY! Thanks so much for posting this especially the script! We ended up using this as the inspiration for my son's super hero training camp. Your ideas were GREAT!

My son's party is posted here. And I linked back to your site as credit for the script.

Anonymous said...

Any chance you have the link to the capes you ordered? And/or remember how much they were? I love all your ideas!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this. I have been a nut on Pinterest for a while and got ideas from a bunch of places for my sons 3rd bday party today, this is by far my favorite. We did this skit, and it was awesome. The kids had a blast(chaos certainly ensued). :) thanks again. I am sorta hoping my other son will choose Superhero 5th bday party so I can do it again.

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