Wednesday, January 5, 2011

a gift for my love - re-post

I have posted this before but I thought some newbies might like to see this since it would make such a great valentine! <3

This is an oldie but I thought you might like it. My hubby is VERY hard to buy for. He never really wants anything and is not easily surprised. Last year for Christmas I thought it would be nice to give him a list of 100 reasons I love him. Honestly I thought this would be perfect. Thoughtful. I was blown away when, in fact, it took me less than 30 minutes to create the list. I came up with 100 reasons to love my hubby in 30 minutes! In hind sight this should have told me my marriage is amazing. Which I already knew. But initially I felt bad! I felt bad that I had come up with this list in only 30 minutes. I mean, how thoughtful could it be if I finished in a half hour?

To vamp it up I decided to put the reasons into a little scrap book. I printed the list on paper lunch sacks. I liked the color and texture they added. This was a fun project that my husband really enjoyed.

We are truly best friends. :) xoxoxo

A list like this could also be framed and make a nice gift for a birthday, anniversary, valentine, etc


Jennifer @lifecraftsandwhatever said...

I LOVE this idea! it's super cute and so sweet. I'm a new blogger too, I'm off to follow you and I would love if you would return the favor.

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