Saturday, January 8, 2011

junque hunt!!!

My sister and I are oh so ...geeky! We decided to start a new tradition this year! A day JUST FOR US to go searching flea markets, antique shops and thrift stores. We love us some old junk JUNQUE! That is right. To make it a classy day we decided to call it the


...really...we embrace our inner geeks and you should too! I dont have any pictures of our finds but we didnt really buy much! We had an absolute blast though! I ***HEART*** my SEA-STAR!

I bought:
a boat shaped shelf. (you will see it eventually. I have big plans!)
some blue ball jars (I am an addict and cannot quit buying them)
3 pairs of shoes for my kids

Random. I know.

Here are some highlights!! :)

...disclaimer...we didnt buy anything in these pics! (except lunch!)

seriously, look at this SUPER creepy face massaging thingy! eww! It freaked us out bad!

This giraffe was totally creeptastic too! It was...?? It felt like a taxidermied animal! Obviously it isnt but it was totally gross. Why does it have a skull on its --ermm? - saddle?

I was sad these banjo pajama britches were not my size. They were sweet!

Super highlight! Lunch at Panera!! We were in a neighboring town so this was a TOTAL treat since we do not have a Panera Bread in our town. Very sad. VERY. Too bad my salad almost killed me! See that evil pepper??? I ate in in one bite because I really love peppers. These are not usually very hot but BOY! It was horrible!! I had to eat my whole hunk of baguette just to put out the burn. --eating a giant hunk of bread was NOT sad! :)

That about wraps it up. It was a super fantastic day with my bestie! Love you SEA-STAR!


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