Friday, January 7, 2011

A mother's love story and a call for help!

Happy Friday evening everyone! I have a different kind of post tonight. I want to feature an amazing woman from my hometown here in Ohio, Ginny Andrews. God has blessed Ginny has an amazing story and adventure - she is a living example of one person making a difference in the world and I am sure she is far stronger than I could ever imagine.


You can follow her adventures in nursing and nurturing, faith and frustrations, teaching and treasuring on her blog Ginny in Haiti. Go there. NOW! You will NOT be sorry you did. Her notes and glimpses are such a blessing. I laugh and cry reading most of her posts.

Ginny is a missionary in Haiti and has been for several years. She returned home shortly before the devastating earthquake last year and knew that she must return. Since last spring she has been in the long process of adopting a baby girl!! She has made it through inspections, paperwork and countless other barriers and has had guardianship of precious Odessa since early last summer. Isn't she a DOLL!!???

precious Odessa

Here is where you come in!! Ginny needs to have one last home study completed by a person who is licensed in the United States. If you can help, or know of anyone who can PLEASE contact Ginny or I! you can see details of exactly what she needs here. I know she would love to hear from you!

I would also like to encourage each of you to read and follow Ginny's Blog. You will be BLESSED! PROMISE!


Ginny said...

Thanks Tai! Never know who might read this and be able to help. We also never know what "vessel" God is going to use to help.

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