Monday, February 28, 2011

fifty? :)

I was having a totally frustrating night! I even posted this on my FB status: craft project tonight was a total fail and now I have to clean up paint, ripped-up paper, glue, ink, brushes, soup cans and a bunch of other junk and I have nothing cute to show for it. lame.

But then I logged onto blogger and saw 50!! 50 followers! I love you ALL!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

"st patrick's" day printable

There are an awfully lot of "Lucky" printables, shirts, signs, etc this time of year. Well...I dont really believe in luck, so I created a free printable that is festive and, in my opinion...more accurate! This is my first printable so I hope it isnt a major fail!

just click, print and Enjoy!!

scripture sunday

I am SO Sorry to have been absent from posting this week! It has been a horrible week of sickness that a few in my house are still battling! I can only pray this week will be better. It is going to be in the 50's this week! (that is bikini weather in Ohio, people!!) I have a few crafts I am wanting to get started - perhaps tomorrow. Today...I am disinfecting EVERYTHING! Good thing I had my frappe! Blessings to everyone!! xoxo

Monday, February 21, 2011

hooded towel tutorial

I almost did not post this tutorial. The first few photos I had are terrible. I dont know what settings I was using but by the time I fixed it, the first few images were beyond repair. I hope you are cool with it! Sorry! These are SO easy! They make great baby shower gifts, first birthday gifts, etc. My kids love theirs and I have made bunches to give away. They are quick and inexpensive. I hope you will try it!

What you need:
A towel
A matching or coordinating hand towel

Start with the hand towel. Since this was for a baby shower I cut it to 10". For a toddler or older child I usually cut the hand towel in half. The measurement for a bigger child is usually around 14"

Next find the center of your full sized towel. Use the following scientific method:
Fold the towel in half, then mark it with a pin

Find the center of your cut off hand towel the same way and then pin them together

sew the finished edge of the hand towel to the outside of the big towel. I sewed 2 seams for re-enforcement

While you are still looking at the back/outside of the towel, fold the 2 corners of the hand towel down so they meet in the middle and pin

I am sure using a serger here would be awesome but I dont have one so I started with a straight stitch and then sewed a tight zig zag over that

turn the hood right side out. That is IT for the towel! Simple right?? Now you have a blank canvas! In the past I have always added an applique at this point. I have done a few different shapes, crown, car, initials. There are endless possibilities.

I had a few doilies I thought would be cute and vintage-y. I also had this great vintage ribbon I found at a flea market last summer

I love how this one turned out!

Hope you enjoyed!

I even found a picture of some towels I made for my niece and nephews a few Christmases ago...

Saturday, February 19, 2011

hooded towel

I have made MANY hooded towels in the past but this is by far my favorite. I wanted to keep it.

I just love baby showers. Today was a pretty afternoon to spend with some girlfriends preparing to welcome a new little life. I gave this precious hooded towel I created  as part of my gift. I took enough pics for a tutorial but I dont have time to get it put together right now. I will probably post it sometime this week. In the mean time, here is a sneak peak! Wish I could have borrowed a precious little baby to model it!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

what is your crafty opinion?

Lauren has an is cupcakes. She adores the things. Who can blame the kid? We are planning an upcoming cupcake birthday party. Here is sort of a rough idea I have for a shirt for her (and maybe for me too!)...I need opinions. Does this look like a cupcake guitar to you? I am obviously not a graphic designer...This is my shameless request for your comment. Please let me know what you think!! THANK YOU!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

psst...I am over here...

I am super geeked to be a guest at Craft-O-Maniac today!! Go Check out Jen's fantastic blog. She has been infested!!

Friday, February 11, 2011

scarf for my boy!

I first saw this cool fleece scarf on craftaholics anonymous about a week ago! Although I didnt follow the tutorial exactly it was DEFINATELY the inspiration behind the scarf I made for little man today.

Thanks for the tutorial and inspiration by Erin at in between laundry.

I made the bottom layer with a remnant of flannel I had and added some cozy, coordinating fleece and a cute ribbon!

Too bad I couldnt get the boy to pose for pictures. ugh. typical. Oh well, bear was happy to humor me!

This was a fun, quick project made with stuff I had on hand. Those are my favorite kind!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Do YOU "rock like fraggles"???

Yeah, Let's keep it real. As previously mentioned  - I am a geek. One weird thing I constantly say is "Rock Like Fraggles" ...because?? Well, Fraggles ROCK! SOOOO...I have a new button! A badge you can now proudly disply if I declare that you DO IN FACT rock like fraggles. Lets start with Rachel at Bubbly Nature Creations. I believe I already declared her worthy of this button a few days ago here!

Congrats Rach! Now you can really GEEK OUT! As I proudly declare

Rachel! You are now free to rock the button!


Monday, February 7, 2011


Did you see it? Did you notice the subtle addition of cute? It is a FAVICON! I didnt even know what this was until I read this sweet post at : bubbly nature creations. It is the little things but this really made my night to add this! Visit HERE for the tutorial and dont forget to tell Rachel thanks for ROCKING LIKE FRAGGLES!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

love bugs - tutorial & pattern!! (and cuteness, as promised!)

UPDATE: I have had some emails and comments that the link for the pattern is not working. I believe this is corrected now. If you are unable to download the pattern please email and I will be happy to send it to you! :)

As promised - the infestation is here!! I have officially fallen in love with the little guys (and girls) and I hope you will too!

This is going to be a little long ...bear with me. I started making these and they are SO quick. About 15-20 minutes each. However, I didnt realize how many steps there were until I started taking photos for the tutorial. I tried to be very detailed. Trust me though, it only take about as long to make one as it takes to read this.

Aren't they DARLING?? I made bunches for Elijah to hand out at school as Valentines because if I see one more Mater Valentine I might just puke.

What you will need:
The Love Bug Pattern HERE
A few scraps of coordinating fabric - fat quarters, scraps, whatever you like
needle and thread
pins - they are a pain, but are essential for this
satin cord
plastic poly pellets
lighter or candle
fabric marking pen (or chalk, or pencil)
bead or buttons for eyes (not pictured. whoops)

Start by cutting out your pattern and tracing them onto the right sides of your fabric. Then cut them out. For some of these I made the wings and belly the same and for some I made the face and belly the same. Go with what you like.

Next, Lay the wings and face right sides up. flip the face pieces so they are right side down on the wing

this is the trickiest part of the whole process. line up the corners on the face to the corner of the wing and pin. It is going to curl up some but it isnt too hard to make this work. I used lots of pins to make sure this would stitch together smoothly. Start with pinning each corner, add one in the middle and then 2 more between the outside pins and the middle pin

Time to make the antenna. Cut a 2 pieces of satin cord (mine were probably around 4 inches), tie a knot toward one end

clip it short

next use your lighter to heat seal and melt the end of the cord

If you have ever made synged satin flowers this is the same technique

slide the antenna between the pins like this:

sew the seam. Next place these pieces right sides together and pin. I started by pinning the seams together to make sure they would stay even

add more pins and sew together

place the top of your bug and the belly (circle) right sides together and pin again. I left the opening in the back. See how there is a gap? That is ok. it will take some love to hand stitch these together since they are different lengths but it helps add dimension to the back of you bug. He will look more dome shaped

stitch together and turn right side out. Set him aside. Time to make the guts. I wanted these to have just a little weight to them. Cut out 2 circles (a little smaller than the belly piece) of whatever scraps you have on hand.

Sew them together but leave some opening

fill the pouch with the poly pellets. Dont stuff it tight, it should feel sort of like a beanie baby

sew it shut and trim

add the small pouch of pellets into the bug and lay it flat against the belly side

You can sort of see it in there, right? Just pretend you can.

Put a little polyfil on top of the pellet pouch and stitch him closed

Add some pretty beads to make the eyes




Now go totally insane and make a boat-load of them!!

curse winter and then determine these cute pictures are totally worth the frost bite!

Please let me know if you try this tutorial!! I hope you enjoyed!

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