Thursday, March 31, 2011

what they said wednesday...eeerrrmmm...thursday

Check it! My all deserving husband realllly needed a new car! Friday he got himself a shiny Ford Fusion. Boy do we all love it! My inlaws kept the chilluns at our house while we car shopped (bless them!)
As soon as we came home hubby plopped the car seats in and the kids came down to check it out. I got in the passenger side and the Lauren said:

"OH MOMMY! I cant believe you made this whole car for daddy today!! It is awesome!"

Elijah quickly agreed!

I could not stop laughing.

They may thing daddy is a super hero but they think I can widdle a CAR! I rock! HAHA! Here is my creation. You MUST be jealous!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

belt to bracelet tutorial

I got the itch to make something cute today so I hot the "stash" with no plan in mind and came across and old baby sized belt. I grabbed up some other goodies and my trusty glue gun and made this bracelet. If you want to follow along you can make one too!

Here is what you will need:

begin my cutting the end of the belt which has no hardware. Cut 1" bigger than your wrist size. Also salvage the loop from the opposite end of the belt

cut 6 circles for your flowers. I used a stretchy knit.

using a glue gun (preferably your pink polka dotted glue gun) and glue the cut end of the belt right inside the loop.


to make the flower grab up each circle and fold it in half

then fold it in half again

start gluing them to one of your felt circles

I added 2 more to the top just for some extra dimension then glued on a button

cute flower right? You may also notice I am rocking the dixie paper plate to glue on. Oh yeah baby!
glue the back of the flower to the front of the belt. I didnt take a picture in the next step I guess? I glued the other felt circle right over the belt like a sandwich

all finished! Easy peasy. I love the glue gun because it is instant gratification as far as drying time. You can use your favorite adhesive.

how to become mom of the year (step 1)

I know you clicked over after reading that title! You will be ESPECIALLY glad you did when you read how EASY this is! I am usually thrilled if my kids are:

sort of clean
almost fully clothed
NOT crying
being nice

There arent many requirements. So, if you are like me (and I secretly hope you are so I dont have to feel bad for not being super woman) you might enjoy this new series. how to become mom of the year.

My kids are the pickiest eaters on the face of the earth. Is this my fault? Probably, everything is "mom's fault" right? Does it drive me nuts? Yes! That saying that old people use (insert nasty, condescending, and sarcastic tone of voice): "When my kids were little they ate what I cooked or went hungry" Fantastic. I am soooo happy for you. Honestly, when I hear that. ugh. I HATE hearing those words. BAHH! I have an extremely demanding job. Would I love to be a SAHM?? More. than. ANYTHING. but the reality is I have to work and I spend about 2-3 hours per day with my kids. I choose not to battle over dinner (most of the time) My son?? I am lucky if he eats anything but peanut butter and jelly. I bet the kid eats 15-20 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches a week. ugh. HOWEVER! He has decided he likes "stove pipes" <-- what we call rigatoni with ragu brand sauce. Yes, sauce from a jar. Noodles from a box. Sometimes that is just how I roll.

So, step one to becoming mom of the year: Make Stove Pipes. Watch child ACTUALLY eat.

please note: this was my plate, said son will not eat cheese. there is something seriously wrong with my child.

Looks fantastic, right? (you are playing along arent you? Oh good. I was hoping you were still with me)

In case you were wondering I made this by cooking the rigationi by pouring the noodles from the box into almost boiling water and cooking until tender errmm...per the box instructions - until al-dente' (I dont even know how to spell aldente? I am sure that is wrong. and then dumping on sauce straight from the jar without heating warming the sauce in a sauce pan and serving over the noodles. next I piled on the kraft parm cheese shredded some nice parmiganio regiano (yep, cant spell that either) and sprinkling it on top. Oh, and be sure to serve this on Dixie Paper Plates some fancy "going green" dinnerware.

I would like to say I served this with a salad or SOME form of vegetable but. well. yeah. there are tomatoes in the sauce - I hope. ?? You know what? My kids were thrilled. They ate. And we got to have some fun before bed. That is my definition of mom of the year.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Have you peeps met Lorie? You should. She rules. And her site?? be different act normal? Yeah, it is pretty amazing too. Lorie has been a huge help to me and my ...erm...blogger ignorance so I would like to take a moment to say:

Dear Lorie,


Feel free to rock the button.

BIG puffy *HEARTS*

...umm p.s. - the code is over there --> cause I am not cool enough to figure out how in the world to get it here...

Monday, March 21, 2011

rejoice printable

I am having so much fun making printables this week!

click. print. enjoy.


Saturday, March 19, 2011

spring at pier 1!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Pier 1 for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

It is 68 degrees today in Central Ohio!! I cant believe it! It REALLY feels like SPRING has finally decided to peak in. We are busy this weekend with yard work. Naturally I decided to do some SHOPPING. I hopped over to Pier 1 online to check out some of the furniture offerings and I was certainly NOT disappointed!

Isn't this the CUTEST?? I could really use 4 of these!

And you know how much I love bright colors! Pier 1 certainly does not disappoint! I love these gorgeous stacking chairs and adorable garden stools.


And of course you cant forget about the iconic Pier 1 Papasan! This season Pier 1 has expanded with the amazing outdoor Swingasan. This looks fantastic!!

I love the how versatile these items are. You can use them to bring the outdoor inside.  This would be just as amazing in my entry way as on the patio!

or this amazing scroll rug??? I love this! On sale right now for 119.99?!?! You just cant beat that!

You can head over to Pier 1 Outdoor newsletter to sign up for a special in-store offer this weekend or shop online at Pier 1. Pier 1 even has some upcoming tweet-ups. What fun! for more information on tweet-ups you can visit Pier 1 Tweetups.

I have the fever! Pier 1 is the remedy!!

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Friday, March 18, 2011

nest printable

I am always inspired by anything "nest" related. My last printable was successful so I thought I would try another. I am sure this wont be the last. This was super fun! READY FOR SPRING!!!

Click. Print. Enjoy.

**Edited because I was thinking...this would be adorable with some birdies!


Friday, March 11, 2011

anthropologie inspired necklace tutorial

So, I have a few confessions... I had never, ever heard of anthropologie before I started blog stalking reading craft blogs. I also very rarely VERY RARELY wear necklaces...buuuuttt...I really loved this pretty necklace on the anthro web site and thought - hey I know I can make something similar.

anthropologie spectrum frenzy necklace

here is my version.  obviously different but definitely inspired by anthro!! you want to make one, right?? you are in luck! i am in tutorial mode today!

i started with a package of mixed beads (mostly glass) I bought from hobby lobby. i liked the pink and green color. this part took longer than making the necklace! i had to separate all of the beads before i could start. i used this ice cube tray to help me out. i dont have a crimping tool but it certainly would have been helpful for this! basically you just need beads, crimp beads, pliers or crimping tool and jewelry wire.

you'll want to start by making a loop. this will be the "clasp" for your necklace. start with a crimp bead then choose a few coordinating beads and add them next

make a loop and slide your wire back through the crimp bead. crimp. (or squish it together with pliers)

next add a few beads to start off the strand. you can really choose whatever you like here. you could even start right in making the loops (below) and skip this part

once you have this a length you like choose a "neutral" color bead and add a couple of them. i chose the brownish-gold for this necklace. i added three and then added several beads of the color i used to make the first loop.

after you have your loop the desired length bring the wire back through the last "neutral" colored bead to make a loop.

pull it kind of tight, if you let it get loose it gets hairy

keep adding, a few neutral beads and then a new color for the next loop. i didnt use the same number of neutral beads every time. I used between 0 and 3 each time. this helps make the loops be a little messy. you dont want them too uniform

keep going!

once you have decided that is enough of that recreate the same pattern from step one. then add a crimp bead and a larger bead (this bead needs to fit through the "clasp loop" you made at the beginning). i had to use a small bead between the large bead and the crimp bead to keep the big bead from falling over the crimp bead. there are many ways you can make this work.

next bring the wire back through the big bead and crimp bead, pull it taunt and crimp!

tuck the end of the wire into the beads behind it.

admire your work!

so there! i would love to know what you think!!

I am visiting today!

I am visiting fireflies and jellybeans today!! I am very excited to say my hooded towel tutorial is being featured for F&J readers to enjoy! Be sure to visit and say hi!!

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