Wednesday, March 2, 2011

what they said wednesday

In her prayers, Lauren thanks Jesus. It reminds me of the song….

“She thanks you, Jesus, for,
the daisies and the roses.
In no simple language”.

There are so many lessons in Lauren’s prayers. These are things she says. (remember, Lauren is only 2)

If she is coughing: “Thank you for taking away my cough”
If her brother is sick: “Thank you for making Elijah well”
If her cousin fell down: “Thank you for healing “cousin’s” boo-boo”

Did you notice?? Lauren is thanking Jesus for things He hasn’t even done yet. But she knows something we don’t. She has confidence and hope we groan to have.

This is Jesus Loving 101 folks!!

I want to pray like my baby. She is awesome.


Unknown said...


That is such a great testimony to how she is raised . . . :)

ALSO LOVE the picture!

thank you for sharing!

and ALWAYS remember keep on believing

@JessEsco said...

Beautiful and a great idea.

Unknown said...

Beautiful pic! she looks like an angel!

You have been awarded the versatile blogger award.

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