Thursday, March 31, 2011

what they said wednesday...eeerrrmmm...thursday

Check it! My all deserving husband realllly needed a new car! Friday he got himself a shiny Ford Fusion. Boy do we all love it! My inlaws kept the chilluns at our house while we car shopped (bless them!)
As soon as we came home hubby plopped the car seats in and the kids came down to check it out. I got in the passenger side and the Lauren said:

"OH MOMMY! I cant believe you made this whole car for daddy today!! It is awesome!"

Elijah quickly agreed!

I could not stop laughing.

They may thing daddy is a super hero but they think I can widdle a CAR! I rock! HAHA! Here is my creation. You MUST be jealous!


Rachel // Maybe Matilda said...

As far as handmade goes, you are DEFINITELY winning. Nice work, can we expect a tutorial? ;-)

Rachel @ Maybe Matilda

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