Monday, April 11, 2011

CELEBRATING 100+ FOLLOWERS! 100 things about me!

This week I am celebrating the awesome milestone reaching 100 Google Followers! I *BIG PUFFY HEART* you guys! All this week my posts will be tied into the number "100". I am starting with a list of 100 things about ME! At first I thought kicking off the week by telling you 100 things about myself was a cop-out. But this was HARD!! Holy cow! I am not a very interesting person! Really! But...I hope I dont bore you to death and maybe you learn a little something. Anything you want to know that you dont get from this list?? Feel free to ask! Here we go!

  1. My name is Tai, it is my real first name. Yes, it is Asian. Yes, I am the whitest girl you will ever meet
  2. My middle name is Miranda. People ask me a lot because I usually write and sign as Tai M
  3. Before I had my babies I had a miscarriage. It was a craperific experience that I do not like to talk about. It wasn’t handled well by the OB I was seeing at the time
  4. I am a born again Christian. Methodist to be exact. I was saved when I was 11 years old
  5. I sing the female lead in the praise band at our church. I have been doing it since I was 13, that is over half of my life. It is a HUGE part of who I am. LOVE it
  6. I could not sing AT ALL! Prior to having my tonsils out when I was 11
  7. I get PMS. It isn’t pretty
  8. I have an amazing sister I have spoken about a few times on this blog. She rules.
  9. I drove my husband insane when naming our children because for some neurotic reason I insist that middle names must only be 1 syllable. This really limits the number of first names that sound right
  10. Hubby, myself and each of our children have the same number of letters in our full names. 16. This is not by design. Just a freaky coincidence
  11. Pink is superior to all other colors.
  12. I like blue second
  13. I DO NOT like red
  14. My favorite food is fried chicken
  15. I love my diet coke
  16. Aside from a frappe from McDonald’s I will not drink coffee. Tastes like burned water to me
  17. In fact, I don’t like hot beverages at all
  18. I work a full time job but my dream job is to be a mommy and house wife full time. I would love nothing more than to spend the day cooking, doing homework and scrubbing stuff
  19. The first blog I stalked loved was Happy Together.
  20. My hubby is my best friend and was my high school sweetheart we married when I was just 19
  21. I graduated college the year after I graduated high school
  22. I secretly think college was a total waste of time and money. Don’t tell my kids
  23. I always said I would never drive a big car and now I have an SUV that I love
  24. You will never catch me driving a mini van though!
  25. I am obsessed with bird nests
  26. Confession – I don’t like chevron OR houndstooth AT ALL. Weirdest trends ever
  27. I do really like Damask though
  28. My favorite bible verse is Ephesians 2:10
  29. I have a doggie. She is a mutt we rescued from the pound. Her name is Chloe and she thinks she is the privileged child because she sleeps in my bed
  30. I really am as weird/dorky as I seem. I don’t really know how to fix that so I just go with it
  31. I always cry in movies. I have yet to watch the entire movie Tangled but I caught the end yesterday and cried even though I had no idea what was going on.
  32. I like candy of all kinds unless it has peanut butter
  33. I don’t like peanut butter
  34. I will not eat mashed potatoes. They taste like baby food
  35. I have a crazy strong sense of smell that is more a curse than blessing
  36. I do not like to wear socks
  37. I really like BIG sunglasses and have a bunch! I always get in trouble for buying sunglasses
  38. We live in a very small house that is very much a fixer-upper but it is the best.location.ever
  39. I am sort of a country girl. Living in the city does not appeal to me at all. I cannot see the house “next door” to mine
  40. I have a huge extended family!
  41. I have 3 crazy nephews and 1 crazier niece and I adore them all to bits!
  42. My sister is just 16 months younger than I am
  43. I played clarinet in school. I have no idea if I can play anymore? I haven’t tried since the last day of junior year
  44. I sing soprano generally but I also love singing alto
  45. I would reallllllly like to learn to play guitar. It is definitely on the bucket list. I don’t even need to be good. I just want to accompany myself. If I could just play like a hippy I would be happy
  46. I love love love love Christmas. I cannot sleep at all on Christmas Eve and my kids have YET to beat me out of bed Christmas morning
  47. If I could move away I would move to Tennessee. It is my favorite place to visit
  48. That being said I am not exactly well traveled. I live in Ohio and have never been farther west than Indianapolis
  49. I love to go to Cedar Point with the hubs. We have a major blast
  50. I am not good at staying up late. I get stupid and forget everything I did/said by the next morning
  51. I have a TERRIBLE memory. It bites. And quite often makes me feel awful because I forget things I reallllly should remember
  52. I love bracelets
  53. I was thrilled my little girl was born in April because she has a Diamond for her birthstone and diamonds rule
  54. I am only 28 and suffer from hypertension. I have to take medication for it
  55. I do not like shopping for clothes. Therefore I rarely look that good. Even for work I think I barely pass. I also don’t own that many clothes
  56. I rarely wear my hair down. I keep my hair long so I can pull it up. Yeah I am a freak
  57. One of my favorite songs ever is Slide by the Goo Goo Dolls. I know. Random
  58. Holy crap I am only on number 58?
  59. I have many friends all over the country (and outside the country) we met on a message board when we were all pregnant together. We all have kids born within 5 weeks of each other and we still talk and support each other on a regular basis
  60. I alwayssss wanted to be a grown up. I did not want to “party” or date around or drink or any of the normal things that most 20 somethings want to do. I just wanted to get married and have a happy semi normal life. I am boring like that
  61. I hate being wrong
  62. I am good with computers but BAD at HTML
  63. I love my Nikon. It isn’t SUPER fancy. It is the D60 model and I am trying to learn to use it to its fullest potential. I need a class or something
  64. Confession – I do not know how to sew. Yeah, I know I sew stuff…but I really don’t know what I am doing. I just use lots of tutorials from google and you tube
  65. I have a headache right now and I have had it all stinking day
  66. I am very blessed to have a boy and a girl, a house, dog and husband. We are not planning more children
  67. This is mostly because I have not changed a diaper since JUNE people!! I do not plan to change this status!
  68. I have purchased 2 piles of fabric specifically to make quilts and am to scared to start either of them. LOL
  69. Next year hubby and I are going to Vegas to celebrate our 10 year anniversary. Like I said I have never been farther west than Indy and Hubby has never been on a plane. Should be interesting.
  70. I like to laugh and I smile a lot
  71. If I were to have more kids I would choose Lucy for a girls name and Evan for a boy
  72. I broke up with hotmail because gmail is better
  73. I like to eat mac and cheese
  74. I cook on the grill in the snow
  75. I really love football. I love watching HS football locally and college football. I know I live in Ohio, was raised in Ohio and was, in fact, BORN in Ohio. But I DO NOT like the big ten. I am totally an SEC fan. Sorry
  76. I also love Hockey!! Of course I love the blue jackets even if they suck
  77. I never got cold until my daughter was born and now I freeze all the time!
  78. I have seen 2 babies born (aside from my own). If you have not you are missing out! AMAZING!
  79. I love shopping in antique stores and flea markets
  80. I am somewhat a TV junkie. I like watching nerd shows though. I watch a lot of food network, antique road show and American pickers
  81. I am very un-coordinated. I cannot jump with both feet at the same time, I run into stuff, etc
  82. I think I love littlest pet shoppe as much as Lauren. They are so cute
  83. I like playing legos with boy child
  84. I also love watching Phineas and Ferb. Sweet cartoon
  85. I want to wear earring but I just dont. I have a really nice pair of diamond studs my parents bought when I graduated college and that is the only pair I own. So sad because there are SO many I love on Etsy!!
  86. My daughter never goes without earrings
  87. My little boy is missing a tooth he knocked out when he was 10 months old. Of course it is right in the front. He only had it 5 weeks
  88. Confession – I went to Monster Jam and it was fun. WAY less red-necky than I anticipated. It was very family oriented and E loved it
  89. My craft area is in our bedroom and it is a disaster right now. It has been a blown up mess since Christmas. I am really trying to get to it but other stuff is always in the way
  90. I cant dance at all. I dance just exactly like a chubby white girl 
  91. I like vintage things
  92. I like to wear hats but I don’t get to very often because I cant wear them to work. Who made that rule anyhow?
  93. When we first moved here I decorated everything in an Italian/rome type way but we are slowly switching over to a more eclectic/blue/beachy/shabby type look
  94. I love wearing jeans
  95. I like having my toes painted but I have never had a professional pedicure
  96. I do not tan. I am very fair skinned and I just burn, blister, peel and turn back to white
  97. I asked by hubby for a ruffle foot and a darning foot for mothers day. He thinks I am a freak too
  98. I hope my kids never grow out of thinking I am cool. I wont quit thinking they are
  99. Confession – I am addicted to Twilight
  100. I am just a mommy with simple sorts of goals doing the best I can!

So, there you have it. More than you ever cared to know!! I will try to keep the rest of 100 Week less dry! I am a very open book person and if you ever do want to know anything else just ask!

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Kim@todayismysome-day said...

Great list! I couldn't do 100 about me :) have you tried spray tanning? the kind where a person hand sprays you? I highly recommend it, if you have a special event that you'd like to be tan for.


Great stuff mind blowing !

Thanx for sharing

Stacy Risenmay said...

WOW! I am so impressed you could think of 100 things :) And you are NOT boring. I loved this!!! I don't get the whole Chevron and hounds tooth thing either :P

Unknown said...

I stumbled across your blog from Pinterest. I love this! I hate the chevron trend too, I don't know who thought of it, but I hate that it caught on. You seem awesome, probably because we have a lot in common and I'm awesome lol. Following you now!

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