Monday, April 4, 2011

milestone!! Let's celebrate!

Hi friends! I am on cloud 9 this week!! AND it is ALL because of:


Really! My readers are awesome!! I reached a big goal this week! 100 FOLLOWERS! (101 now :)  )

This may not be much compared to some amazinggggg bloggers out there but this is a big deal people!! I love you all!! I think this calls for a celebration! WOOO HOOOOO!!

So...beginning Monday, April 11 I am going to kick off a week of 100! That is 5 days in a row of projects/crafts/printables celebrating something to do with the number 100. I am open to suggestions here! Is there something you would like to see me attempt to make? Have a challenging item for me to try? Leave it in the comments below. I am also open to doing some features. PLEAAASSE email (taimbender(at)gmail(dot)com) me if you are interested in a feature!

Have you made a project with 100 buttons? ribbons? candies? letters? Let's get creative! If you have a post to feature please send it to me by Friday!

And hey, if you are up for it, grab the button and spread the word!!

I love you allllllll! xoxoxo

taidye original


Melissa N. said...

Congrats Tai! That is a great milestone to celebrate! I will be thinking of something I can add to your 100 party!


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