Friday, May 27, 2011

rainbow zipper pouch

Happy weekend! I needed some sewing therapy. I have been wanting to try making a zipper pouch for a while now and here is my first attempt! I know I wanted a rainbow and I wanted it to look "messy". It turned out almost like I envisioned! I would like to make a few more for practice. This little thing was a struggle for me. I am going to need years more practice sewing.

I cut each color fabric and used wonder under to fuse it down before going over with the zig zag stitch. That made the front. I also cut out the cloud shape from some felt, stuffed it and added as the zipper pull. This is only my second zipper ever. Yeah, more practice is required.

Let me know what you think! xoxo

This little family was SUPER excited to have a new home!

In other news, this GORGEOUS boy graduated from preschool this week. Amazing.
I love him. A Lot. A Lot. A Lot. A Lot.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

keep calm and?? ugh.

It has been a week I tell ya. A a month of Mondays. So, here is a new printable to sum it up for me. Now I feel better :)

click. print. enjoy.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

happy place printable

being in love is such inspiration...

click. print. enjoy.

Friday, May 13, 2011

baseball mommy bracelet my previous baseball mommy bracelet post is in blogger never-never land. I am posting again! (surely based on the principles of Murphy's Law that will cause the old on to show up again) Anyhow, I linky parties to join so...reposting. Yep. Enjoy!

I am officially a TBall mommy this year! TBall is super hilarious! E had his first game saturday. The children played in the dirt, ran from home to third, fell off the bases when they tried to stand on them and jump on one leg, dog piled in the field. really, highly entertaining.

I felt I need to look more spiffy at the field for his next game so I raided hubby's stash and stole a baseball to make some mom bling. This was SO fun, easy and CHEAP. If you are a baseball mom, aunt, grandma, sister, softball player or just a fan you might like one too. Dont you love??? "LV" is the league and local school district he will be attending in the fall. These are the school colors so it will last me a while :)

Here is what it looks like spread out. I dont have a "tutorial" but this is what I did: used an exacto knife to carefully cut the leather from the ball. be careful not to tear up the threads too much. Of course the threads are cut so to prevent them from falling out or fraying I went over them with a coat of white glue. Mod Podge would probably work great for this.

Then I flipped it over and glues some red felt to the back. I used fabric tack and it is holding nicely. You could probably use E600, hot glue or just more white glue.

I sewed on a button and a small hair elastic using embroidery floss. I went right into the holes the thread already made with a large needle. It was very easy.

Then just embellish away! A patch from your favorite team would be pretty cool. I cut the LV out of felt and these buttons came from a stash I already had. The glitter buttons I actually painted with blue glitter nail polish because this just needed to be more shiny! And now I will be a cute mom at the field!

Friday, May 6, 2011

passionate curiosity printable

click. print. enjoy.

(and dont forget to tell me what you think!)

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