Friday, July 8, 2011

it's time... rock like fraggles printable

I hope ya'll dont think I am totally copping on in craft land by creating so many printables lately (combined with the lack of posting...) bad blogger. bad crafter. bad bad bad...

Did you know one of the throwback cartoon stations recently brought back Fraggle Rock?? I STILL love this show! If you have been around for a hwile you know I think everyone should rock like fraggles. My readers certainly do! is a geekeriffic printable for you!

Oh yeah, and as always feel free to ROCK THE BUTTON! The Rock Like Fraggles button is free for grabs to any of my readers because if you are here it is OBVIOUS you simply MUST ROCK LIKE FRAGGLES. Go ahead. Take it. It's tight over there  -->

On to the printable!

click. print. enjoy!!

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