Saturday, August 27, 2011

headband swappin!

I am sooooo late posting this! A few weeks ago I signed up to participate in a headband swap at Pink Lemonade! It was so much fun learning about my partner Maggie and checking out her cute NEW blog Bumbershoots and Galoshes.

Here are a few pictures:

First here is the awesome headband I received. I LOVE it! It is SO me!!!

Here is the one I sent. I havent made many yo-yos so this was a lot of fun!

Friday, August 26, 2011

memory game: sight word edition

Happy Friday! Can you believe it is almost September? Wasn't it just April? My oldest started Kindergarten this week. I had a major breakdown. You know all that momma stuff.

I know he is going to be working on sight words and out teacher told us not to make flashcards from the list, the kids will be making their own in class but I still wanted to try a fun way to learn words. We happen to have 2 memory games in the closet so here is what I came up with:

All I did was separate the cards into matching pairs and write the word that goes with the picture on the back of one of them.

The kids can play partners like a regular matching game or use lines to match them up like below if they want to play alone. You could lay them on a large paper and draw lines or cut pieces of string to use for lines

fun right? This should help learn some words!

Just one picture of an excited little man ready for the bus. I am so depressed proud!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

please help me. these buttons are out of control!

Good Morning sweet readers!

  I have a may have noticed....I dont "get" html that well. like. at all. I try REALLY hard. Most tutorials I use are honestly not "dumbed down" enough for me. I am learning some but I am having some issues with ...buttons...the ones below - you know down there!! 

v v v

These are the FABULOUS link parties I link to on a regular basis. and I REALLY need help making them look nicer and more uniform. Can anyone please tell me how to make them all the same "size"? I have googled. I have read tutorials. I am still doing something wrong. I would love to be able to have them all around 150 x 150 and leave them below and also have code for a set of 75x75 so I can put them at the bottom of the posts I link to. I want to leave love and still have it be pleasing to look at.

Who can help? Anyone? I'll be your best friend! Promise!!

Also, a stupid question..... over there >>>> you see that twitter and FB thingies? Is there a way for me to get them side by side? instead of stacked?

Friday, August 12, 2011


We have a winner of the SURPRISE vintage yardsale goodies! I am so excited to send this out. The lucky lady is:

The Adorable Madison!! from Madison Avenue!

I stole this picture when I went stalking on Madison's cute blog!

I will be emailing to get your address Madison! CONGRATS!! And thanks so much for all who entered and a BIG WELCOME to all of my new followers! Love you ALLLLL!!

Monday, August 8, 2011

i heart faces entry

I havent played I Heart Faces before! Has anyone else ever joined the fun? The theme this week is friendship and I instantly thought of this picture of my girl with her doggie so I decided I would link it up!

Lauren and Chloe:

They are best buds!

Want to play or learn more? Check it out:

I Heart Faces - Photography Challenges and Photo Tutorials

Dont forget to enter my giveaway HERE

Sunday, August 7, 2011

yardsale win...i think i'll share the wealth with a GIVEAWAY!

Hi everyone! do you love love love a good yard sale?? Lots of times I pass a sale up if I have the littles so the poor things aren't subjected to the "torture" of thrifting. I had both of them with me and just COULD not pass this one up. They had bunches of vintage fruit crates in the front yard and I really like the look of them. They were large and in really nice condition and I could help but think they would make a pretty bookshelf. So,w e stopped.

MUCHHHHH to my surprise there was much more treasure to be had! I walked by the crates (which had no price) and asked the woman who seemed to be in charge what she wanted for the crates. She asked what I thought. She didnt know what to sell them for. I shrugged and said I wasnt sure and proceeded to look around. THEN! I found a table PACKED with amazing vintage sewing supplies and notions! There was a large box of what appeared to be unsorted notions (many in the original packaging). It looked so pretty. I snapped it up without digging through much.

THEN the lady came back and told me I could have the crates for ONE DOLLAR each!! ONE DOLLAR!! WAHHOOO!! I took 4 crates, the box of notions a large piece of fabric and an amazing 70's bread box/tin for EIGHT BUCKS! I was so excited! I still am and this was 2 weeks ago...

The bread tin:

I thought this tin was so pretty!

But the real treasure...I got home and started going through the notions box...

20 plus packages of unopened bias tape and lace...

Hundreds of vintage buttons still on the cardboard...

50 plus zippers!

And this wasnt all! There were many other little surprises in the box. it was such a fun find I thought I would share. How will I EVER use 50 zippers??? SO...I am giving away! I will stuff a standard sized envelope with some random items I found in my treasure box. You want to win dont you?

I will make it easy!

Just leave a comment telling me something you might make with your vintage surprise envelope goodies!

If you would like to have a second chance please be a follower using google! You can be a follower by clicking the little button over there -->
and leave a comment telling me you are!

Entry 3: share this giveaway link on your facebook or twitter page and leave a comment telling me you did. Be sure to tag me! Facebook Taidye Original and twitter @taitweets

Hope your weekend was FAB!!

EDITED TO ADD: I will close the giveaway and draw a winner at 11 p.m. EST Friday Aug 12!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

me + you printable

click. print. enjoy!!

Dont forget the super fun yardsale surprise give away! HERE!
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