Monday, September 26, 2011

a butterfly costume - part 1 - the mask

If you hadnt guessed from this post little pants loves butterflies. She has decided she wants to be a butterfly for halloween. According to Lauren a butterfly costume means:

1. butterfly wings
2. matching tutu skirt
3. antennas
4. "wings on my eyes"

I asked what she meant by wings on her eyes and she was talking about face paint. Except. Lauren and facepaint arent friends. After about 3 minutes her face looks like?? I dont know? Clown who got thrown into a pool? She smears it EVERYwhere. gross. So I asked if a butterfly wing mask was acceptable and she said "sure". HA!  Sooo.... Here it is!  Butterfly Wing Mask Tutorial!

What you need:
*2 printed butterfly mask templates. I found mine here. Really, print 2 it is just helpful.
(if this butterfly isnt your favorite try google image seach. I was more sucessful googling "butterfly coloring page")
*sheet of felt
*coordinating fabric scraps
*wonder under

Not pictured:
*sewing machine and supplies
*hot glue and glue gun 

Step 1: cut out one of the mask templates

Step 2: fold your felt in half and pin the mask template to the felt

You now have this:

Step 4: cut the wing part of the template out of the border and cut out the part where eyes look out of the mask

Step 5: pin them to a piece of wonder under (web side down) and cut

Now you have this:

Step 6: I used my second mask to sort of figure out how I wanted my colors to look. Get fancy with your crayolas. Then I used the crayons to mark the cut template. This will be helpful a few steps down...

Step 7: here comes the tedious parts... cut up the wings. keep the right wing and left wing seperated

OPTIONAL STEP: stop to make dinner for your family, eat with them and clean up. Then switch to crappy flash photography because there is absolutely NO good lighting in your house...

Step 8: I didnt pin these to the scraps. wany too small. I just traced around them with a ball point pen. See, my crayon marks coordinate with my fabric.

Here is the first wing:

Step 8: iron the wonder under to one of your felt pieces

Step 9: peel it up

Step 10: lay out your tiny pieces over the webbing you just ironed on. Use the page you colored as a guide

Step 11: iron the pieces down. this fuses the scraps to the felt

Step 12: repeat for the other wing

Step 13: (optional) applique around the pieces with your sewing machine (sorry no pictures)...honestly if I had some glitter glue I probably would have skipped this step and just traced aroud the edges of each piece with glitter glue.

Now you have this:

Step 14: cut the eyes out of the front of the mask (sorry, again no picture. I was cutting)

Step 15: line everything up to make sure it looks how you like it, nothing needs trimmed, etc. I stuck my 2 pieces of ribbon in the sides to see where I wanted them to go

Step 16: while it was all lined up and sandwiched together I used a silver sharpie to mark where to cut the eye holes from the back piece

back piece...this looks creepy. lol

Step 17: glue the ribbons in place with hot glue

Step 18, glue the whole thing together with hot glue. Be sure to use a pink polka dot glue gun when possible. It makes the burns easier to take.

DONE! Tie it on your pretty princess!!


Lizzy said...

LOVE! This is awesome! Cutest butterfly EVER! :)

Sarah said...

Great mask!! My little girl just said, "mom will you make that for me?!" :-)

Heather said...

Adorable!! You did a great job. ;)

Stephanie said...

This is so cute, and I think easy enough for me to make. My daughter will love this.

Anonymous said...

Oh thank you! Thank you! Doing this! When I do it, I'll link you into the post.

Candace @ Candace Creations said...

Love this! a lucky little girl! Come link up to scrappy saturdays over at I'd love to see you there!

Candace what

Pam said...

This is fabulous! Look forward to Part 2..

Anonymous said...

Hey! I posted about your masks! Take a look!

Faith, Trust, and a Little Pixie Dust said...

What a beautiful labor of love. Great job. Thanks for linking up to Fabulous Friday!

Warmly, Michelle

Janessa Couch said...

I LOVE this!!!! Thanks to Pinterest I found your blog. THANKS!!!!

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