Friday, October 21, 2011

a big change for me

HAIR! I have never ever ever in my entire life had short hair. It has always been a MINIMUM 3 inches below my shoulder. Until I was 13 I had to pull my hair over my shoulder just to pee!

But today?

Today I turned 29.

Last year in my twenties begins today. An honestly? For a YEAR I have pretty much hated my hair.

So today...I had it allll chopped off! And I dont know what I was waiting for. This is awesome!

Hopefully tomorrow when I attempt to style it myslef I will still feel the same way. Since my stlyist refused to come and live in my bathroom. What is up with that?

In other news I finished my bag for this sew along at see kate sew! I cant WAIT TO SHOW YOU! But I need to wait for daylight to take some pretty pictures!
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