Friday, January 20, 2012

some stuffola...I need feedback pretty pretty please! :)

Happy Friday Friends!

Some random stuff...

ONE: My hubby has a job!! WOOOO It has been 6 months of praying and waiting and next week it is back to employment for him! I know many have prayed and I wanted to thank you all so much!

B: Winter in Ohio makes me really want to move to. Well, somewhere with no winter. But then I started thinking...I would NEVER get crafting done if I werent hunkered down this weekend! I can hear the "white death" (freezing rain) tink tink tinking on the window pane beside me. We are supposed to have quite a bit of ice in the morning. I think that calls for fresh baked muffins and jammie day.

3:  I have been working on some things! and I need your help!

First. I tried my hand at embroidery...which...wasnt perfect but I still like the way my project turned out. I was VERY inspired by my good buddy BEV at Flamingo Toes when she made these ornaments at Christmas time.

Mine is a larger version (about 10") and it is still in the hoop...I honestly dont know what to do with it now? HELP! Should I make it into a pillow? 10" seems small. I am not in love with the idea of leaving it in the hoop and hanging it but I need some creative input! What would you do with this? (please dont say burn it! LOL! Just pretend you like it even if you dont. *wink*)


I have mentioned a few times around here that I would really love to open my own pattern shop and I am working on a few stuffie patterns since they are my favorite to make right now. I have one close to completion and I think I would like to open it up to some pattern testers. Would anyone be interested in testing for me? This is a sneak peak of the one I have about ready to go. (this is a VERY rough prototype) but it will be a flannel horse stuffie. I would appreciate your feedback! I would LOVE to get 4 testers!! I am hoping to have this done in the next few weeks for testers to try it! If you are interested please leave a comment below and dont forget to leave your email address!

Thanks so much for listening to my ramblings tonight and for any feedback you might be willing to leave! :)


Amanda said...

Wonderful news on the job!

Ohhh I couldn't live without my clearly defined seasons, each one has its own perks.

Your embroidery looks wonderful, a pillow would be a great idea. I also get stuck as to what to do with embroidery, such difficult decisions!!

I'd love to 'test' a pattern for you, got some flannely fabric just sitting there waiting to be turned into something lovely!

LimeRiot said...

I put up with the wet Seattle winter for the same reason - hours of crafting time!!

Good luck with the pattern! The prototype looks cute. I'd offer to help test but I stink at sewing :).

Congrats to your hubs on the new job.

Katy @ Lolly Linens said...

Hey Tai, So glad for you about your husbands job! Yay!
I think the embroidery you did is adorable - I love Bev over at FT. I think a pillow or framing it are good ideas, I think I like the idea of framing it best, with a pretty mat - yep!
I will volunteer on the horse and I think I have a friend, Alison, that would love to do it as well. I'll send her your link. Take care.

@JessEsco said...

Since I don't actually live where it gets remotely cold or icy, don't get mad when I saw how awesome out would be to hear the ice and just stay in.

I know nothing about crafts so that's all I have to contribute, but the tree is cute!

Rachel // Maybe Matilda said...

I love the embroidery--it's so cute! What about making a little sachet out of it to put in a drawer?

Beverly {Flamingo Toes} said...

Your embroidery is so super cute Tai!! I love the shading you did on the stitching!
Your little horse softie is sooo cute too! I think that your pattern shop will be great!

Ginny said...

I am catching up on my blog reading and just seeing this post.

Congrats to your guy on the job!

I can't sew either but I try to. You def don't want me in your test group!

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