Thursday, September 30, 2010

chunky friendship bracelet

25 cents!?!! YAY!! I am ALLLL about a 50 cent project. After a little deliberation I decided to make a bracelet.

You have made one of these before right?

I made one using the exact same method but with my 25 cent fat quarters instead of embroidery floss. Chunky bracelets are just better :)

You want to make one too?? Here's how:

Begin by cutting the fat quarters. you will need 4 3" strips from each one
you will need to double up the length of these. Sew 2 each right sides together so you have 4 total long strips, in this case 2 pink and 2 green. (Of course you could just use a bigger piece of fabric...but did I mention these were only 25 CENTS!?)

Notice I never bothered to press, wash or otherwise make this fabric look nice. It just doesnt matter for this project as the end result is a messy look anyhow.

Now pin them to a pillow, your jeans, or to the sheet on your bed if you need to watch food network while you create!
Begin tying these into knots. Start with the strip on the left. Make a number "4". The strip on the left should be on top and fold under the one just to her right. Pull tight. You need to do this twice before moving on to the next strip to the right

once you have tied 2 knots on all three strips start over from the left and repeat

After your bracelet is the desired length remove the pin at the top and pull the top knots tight. This will allow you some extra slack to work with since, to close the bracelet up, you will be tying the ends together in knots (of course)
tie the ends together
slide the cuteness onto your wrist!!

 TA DAAAAA!! 50 cent bracelet on the cheap. NO SEW!!

blessings, tai


Anonymous said...

This bracelet is adorable! Strips are 3" wide, but about how long in length?

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