Saturday, September 25, 2010

kindle keeper

There are lots of people making all kind of "coozies" out there in blog land right now. I have seen them for laptops, iPads, Kindles and MP3 players. My mom is about to order a kindle to take on her upcoming trip so I decided to make her a kindle keeper as she noticed buying cases online can get pretty pricy.

The only problem with this project is now I need would really like to have a kindle!

I took some photos along the way to create a tutorial of my version of kindle keeper:

I started out with 3 coordinating fat quarters and a piece of fleece. I know, it is pink and does not match at all! Dont worry! The fleece is really just acting as a padding here. You wont see it. You could use a light weight batting or fusable fleece for this project but I had this scrap lying around and it worked perfectly.

What you need:
3 coordinating fabrics
coordinating button(s)
hair elastic
embelishments of your choice

Cut your outter fabric, fleece and lining to 19" x 13" (you will fold this in half and make the fold the bottom of the pouch)

This is the time to add any embelishments you may want your outter fabric. I added some ruffles. They came out crooked so to hide the flaw (sort of) I also added a satin singed flower. Get creative!

(see, folded in half)
Next, open up your fold and place this right side up on top of the fleece
Then fold both pieces together up from the bottom to the top

sew up the sides and flip it right side out:

From this point on it is best to think of the fleece and the outter fabric as 1 piece.
Fold the lining fabric up from the bottom and sew up the sides:

leave this piece inside out and stuff the outside piece into it. (The right sides will be together.)
Now pin these together.
--Dont forget to add your hair elastic to the middle of the back side, this will be pinned pushed in toward the bottom of the bag in between the outside fabric and the lining. Sorry I dont have a picture of this!

the elastic is pinned under my thumb here:

Sew this around most of the way. Leave a few inchs for turning.
This part is tricky...pull the inside back out through the opening you left. Once it is out you can turn the lining right side out and push it down into the bag. You will end up with this:

Tuck the opening inward and top-stitch all the way around:

Now add the button!
I waited to add the button until now so I could make sure it was in just the right spot. If you are more confident in your button placing skills you could add it before you sew the lining in, that would prevent your button stitches from showing inside the pouch. ALL DONE!

Now, who is going to buy me a kindle??

blessings, tai


Lizzy said...

Dude! My iPad is JEALOUS! ;-) hehe, that is awesome Tai! You did a surperb job! Thanks for sharing your sweet creative projects on this blog! :)

Micha said...

Um, I TOTALLY want one of these!! I have a Kindle - do I pre-qualify?! :) I'd make one myself except that A) I don't even know how to turn a sewing machine on (wait, do sewing machines turn on, or are they just sort of always on??) And B) okay, do I really need a B? My A was so pathetic I should be exempt. :) Great job!!


taidyeoriginal said...

hehehe you get me a kindle. I'll make you a keeper. :)

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